Portals & Pegasi

Dungineering ’till your last desperate breath clawing at the Dark


SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (Buckets of Blood class: Classical Cultist)

When you embark on a B-movie horror road trip, all sort of bad things are inevitably going to try and eat you. Why wait for them to get hungry? check the stars, consult dubious medieval manuscripts about demons, and strap a noisy neighbor to an improvised sacrificial altar, ’cause you obviously can’t beat the darkContinue reading “SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (Buckets of Blood class: Classical Cultist)”

Role and Teamwork Features

New Goblin Punch GLOG version just dropped. There are several nice ideas there, but one of them, giving special perks for mono-class parties, reminded me of some things I wrote for a UVG few ages ago. My basic take on mono-class perks is this – it’s too demanding. If the perks kick in only ifContinue reading “Role and Teamwork Features”

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