Socrinas the Wisest – Hero for the Champion Class

(First, read The Nothic’s Eye‘s Champion GLOG class, I’ll wait)

Although most of the Champions follow the Deeds of the nine most famous Heros, there are some that strive to mimic one of the other 99. Some of the most bizarre are the followers of Socrinas the Wisest.

Socrinas the Wisest

Source: The Death of Socrates
Jacques-Louis David

Flies or Fools.

Socrinas was the son of Moria, the Goddess of Folly. He was small and ugly, but charming in a disarming way. He loved to show people their ignorance in public and humiliating ways, and was used to profess, rather deviously, that he knows nothing. He was so annoying the people of Heptapolis voted to execute him, but no executioner agreed to do the deed. It would be, they said, a foolish thing to do.

After the Despot came to power, the story goes, Socrinas argued publicly in the Agora that the Desport is the most miserable of all men, for he does the most Evil. So the Despot invited Socrinas to dinner. After the dinner, Socrinas publicly drank poison, urging his friend not to morn him, for fearing death is rather silly. The Despot’s people say he tricked Socrinas, and it goes to show how brilliant and ruthless he is. The Flies offer another telling of the story – the Despot have offered Socrinas his place, and the Folly’s son preferred death over tyranny, and what do you know, they laugh, since this talk 400 ago, the Despot didn’t left his palace. Most miserable men indeed.

Weapon: words, or ridiculously oversized pens. 
What is a Hero? Someone who Tell the Truth Without Fear. 
Mask: Fly, the eyes reflective mirrors. 
Mien: unhinged.

  1. Cutting Words

Your words are d8 weapon, if you know your victim’s shameful secret, all your damage dice explode (roll again on max result).

  1. Dialectics

Keep talking and asking questions to keep [sum] thinking creatures occupied for up to [dice] hours. Named NPCs can break the effect with a save or by revealing a shameful secret.

  1. Unveil Conspiracies

Rip apart [dice] illusions or enchantments. If their creator is divine, they might reform after [sum] minutes. Also works on normal disguises and physiological delusions.

  1. Absolute Truth

If you speak the truth with conviction, you may expend a Violence Dice so no one will be able to deny it without proof. If it turns out you were wrong, your FATE immediately takes a shot against you.

  1. Love of Wisdom

Swap [Dice] skills (or spells, or Ideas) with a conversation partner. Unwilling targets gets a save.

  1. Song of the Swan

You always know when your FATE grows near. If you embrace it, your Violence Dice refresh and can’t be expended until your (very near indeed) death catches up to you, which happens with no regards to common sense if you roll a double.

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