Role and Teamwork Features

New Goblin Punch GLOG version just dropped. There are several nice ideas there, but one of them, giving special perks for mono-class parties, reminded me of some things I wrote for a UVG few ages ago.

My basic take on mono-class perks is this – it’s too demanding. If the perks kick in only if everyone are from the exact same class, you’ll most likely never use them. In my experience Players really like their class unique and special, especially when you give them as many dazzling options as your average gloghack. But the idea of having all-Fighter-party is still cool, so how can we encourage it?

Easy, give perks for any players that share a class, or even general archetype. The more players of the same class – the more powerful the perk. Write it in the class description, and even if one player will insist on playing a wizard, the rest can enjoy the benefits of being a tight group of fighters. Heck, you can argue that the archetypal adventuring party is made of one wizard, one rouge and thirteen fucking fighters.

If Dwarf is a class in your system, consider creating a teamwork perk for this class! maybe one involving building fortification in minutes, or issuing an unrefusable drinking competition challenge

You can go further than single class synergies and splitting all the classes into Roles – I go with Fighter, Thief, Wizard, but if tour categories are Imperial, Chaos, and Animals I won’t stop you.

Let me give you some examples:

Role Teamwork Features

Fighter – Like An Oiled Machine: multiple Fighters that train together can choose to swap initiative places in battle (but no one act twice).

Thief – In Perfect Sync: multiple Thieves that plot together can take the best roll and not the average while doing team skill checks.

Wizard- Ritual Casting: When a Wizard cast a spell, other wizards in the team can give them one MD each for the casting. Mishaps are shared, Doom is not.

Now, if few of your players Do decide to share the exact same class…

Class Teamwork Features

Fighters -Fight as One : share kills for Notches.

RangerPower Rangers: each extra ranger adds both 1 in 6 tracks discovery chance and one extra advantageous terrain feature in random encounters.

Barbarian Loincloth Champions: common bonus HP pool.

Tactician – Grand Plan: Get 1 extra opportunity at start of combat. Opportunities are no longer random, and can be stacked. If one of the tacticians have On Watch each additional tactician past the first adds 2 points to the minimum initiative.

Thief The Heist – if two or more thieves retroactively “remember to write” some objects together, they can flashback to steal extra shit they didn’t pay for. You can either play the heist or resolve it with a single roll (In Perfect Sync applies. usually Stealth, but maybe Etiquette for a social Con or Farmer for stealing animals). May lead to penalties to carousing rolls in town. You don’t need to pay such stolen objects.

Scholar -Peer Review: Scholars can swap Fields freely between themselves. If another Scholar double check another’s work, they always know if the knowledge or effect they produce is entirely false or fucked up. 

Jack – Fan Club: for each Jack past the first, get a groupie for the team. They are hunchmans that demand no payment past basic expenses and have +2 moral. The moral bonus go away if you treat them like shit. Replaceable.

Scavenger Engineer – Ooh, shiney! If there are multiple Scroungers in a party, every time a pair of 2s is rolled, an intact item from the complete Alchemy Items + Adventuring Gear list is found.  If a trio of 3s is ever rolled, you find some major magic item (Stormbringer, a genie’s lamp, the Hand of Dominion). [stolen as is from goblin punch] 

Orthodox Wizard – Resonance Casting: you can shove spells into non-wizard party member brains. It is kind of like drugs, and takes a mental inventory if you use those. Any of the party’s Orthodox Wizards can cast the shoved spell on their turn as an action. The spell goes off as if the poor non-wizard is the caster, and they suffer any mishaps (but the real wizard still suffer any Doom).

Illusionist – Mirror Maze: Every Illusionist can look through the eyes of all other Illusionist in his line of sight, and cast spells through them. The effect is transitive. 

Necromancer – Sewing Club: if you have two Necromancers you may split creatures larger than a human into two corpses of necromancy materials. Three Necromancers – can split creatures larger then an ogre into four corpses. Four – larger than a giant as sixteen. Works in reverse (2 human corpses → one ogre-sized necromantic abomination. Ect’). Abomination takes half the normal MD to animate if you have more than one necromancer.

Biomancer – Makeover: for each extra biomancer, you can make a creature reroll mutation he got, once (for two biomancer – can reroll once. Three – reroll twice, ect’). They get a save if they want to revert to the old one. The biomancers choose any unspecified aesthetic details. This takes about a minute of fussing and needles and gore.

Elementalist – Avatar State: when multiple Elementalists prepare spells together, they can choose to enter an Avatar State, in which all elements are one, they levitate slightly and their eyes glow. If they do, each one can choose a spell they know that have multiple elemental versions and switch it’s element. Each one have [Elementalists] in 6 chance to choose the element, else, it’s determined randomly. If you can choose the element, you can invent a new bulshit element that is at least vaguely physical, like Cities, Flesh, Metal, Acid, Void, Light, Sound or Trees (but not Thoughts, Magic or Souls). The GM interpret the effects of the new spell. If the GM likes your new bulshit element, they are encouraged to add it to the non-bulshit list of elemental version of that spell that you can get randomly. 

Summoner – Call of the Cabal: if you have more than one Summoner and both the blood and true name of a creature, you can summon it as if it were an entity and give it [Summoners] commands. [Dice] must be at least HD/2 to get any magical compulsion to follow, and if [sum]<HP you can expect it to interpret your commands very liberally. Even if [Dice]>HD\2, if they don’t like your commands they get a save to disobey. Duration can be shortened to [sum] minutes or even rounds if you’re summoning something really bad.
All Summoners suffer mishaps if rolled, but only the highest level/oldest can suffer Doom.
You can probably summon dead souls. You can definitely summon gods if you get a piece of them, but you’ll probably get an aspect and not their full not-for-mortal-eyes glory, though you can never know! 

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